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aturism Encourages Mutual Respect - Naturism is characterized by the practice of communal nudity. While it is true that nudity is central to naturism, it is also a means of encouraging self-respect, respect for others, and for the environment. To approach another person completely naked is an act of trust. You are saying, in effect, "Here I am, completely unpretentious, with all my physical imperfections on view. Accept me for what I am, and I will accept you as you are. What you see is the whole "me" as I really am." Such an attitude can only engender mutual respect.

hat is Nudism? - If we look into the dictionary, we find out, that nudism is: "a movement of nudity promotion and its practicing". The word has its origin in the Latin "nudo", that means "naked". But evermore there is in this connection a more modern term used, and that is "naturism". It comes from the Latin word natura, that means "nature". If with nudism we mean the promotion and practicing of nudity as such, naturism is more concentrating on the return of the man to the nature through his dwelling without clothes in a natural environment of the nature.

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